He grew a 1.364 lbs pumpkin and then used it as a boat

A gigantic pimped-out pumpkin has been paddled down the River Ouse today after an incredible carve.

Tom Pearcy rowed across the water in a 1,364lb canoe created from a monster pumpkin.

The 48-year-old Maze owner from York impressed crowds gathered on the banks as he travelled 500m in the unusual spectacle.

He said: ‘We have a competition every year to find the biggest pumpkin and we always try and do something fun with it.

‘I like canoeing so the idea to hollow the winning pumpkin out and take it down the River Ouse just came to me.

Tom Pearcy from York Maze rowing the record-breaking pumpkin boat down the river Worlds biggest pumpkin boat

Tom Pearcy is rowing the ‘HMS York Maze’ pumpkin down the river Ouse between Ouse Bridge and Skeldergate Bridge

Mr Pearcy revealed how he ‘almost fell off’ his pumpkin multiple times as he paddled the 500m along the river as fans looked on

The gigantic pumpkin was turned into a boat since the Maze attempts to do something special with their large grows every year

‘We put the pumpkin into a big drinking trough yesterday to see how it would float.

‘Then we chopped the top off with a chainsaw and hollowed out the inside so I could fit.

‘Although I was quite nervous and it wasn’t exactly the most stable journey I managed to travel for 500m.

A crane was called in to lift the boat which weighed 1,364lbs before it was carved into a vessel for Mr Pearcy to sit in

The gigantic pumpkin was not far off the weight of the world’s biggest ever which was grown in Rhode Island and weighed  1,502 pounds

Crowds gathered along the River Ouse to watch the world record attempt unfold. Mr Pearcy from York had to travel 500metres

‘I nearly fell off a few times but there was a rescue boat on hand just in case.

‘I’ve canoed many things in my time but this is a first.’

The Guinness World Records has already been contacted and organisers are confident the claim will be accepted as the ‘world’s largest pumpkin boat’.

‘There’s no current record for the biggest pumpkin floated down a river at the moment so we’re the world record holders,’ Tom added.

‘We’ve contacted Guinness World Records and it looks like they’re going to accept our claim.’

Every year the Maze tries to do something fun with their grows.

Last year York Maze set a new world record for carving the world’s biggest jack O lantern which was 2013lb.

A safety crew can be seen behind the boat on the River Ouse as it passes The Bonding Warehouse – in case Mr Pearcy gets into trouble

Wearing a pumpkin jacket and sitting in his gigantic pumpkin boat, the maze owner got into the spirit of Halloween

Mr Pearcy owns York Maze which is the size of 15 Wembley football pitches and grows more than a million maize plants

The pimped-out pumpkin passed real boats along the river but held its own as the makeshift boat bobbed 500 metres along

Mr Pearcy revealed he was scared as the boat tilted, fearing he would fall out and fail in his attempt to create a new world record

As well as taking on impressive public challenges the maze owner also carves out big pictures from his crops every year

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